The Tale of The Forgotten Money

General Nathan Lawrence 18 Jan

Ever wonder what happens to bank accounts that are inactive, forgotten about and left unclaimed?  The answer to that question is that you probably haven’t. I know the thought of it never really crossed my mind and I bet that would be the case for most Canadians. My initial thought was “Seriously?  Who forgets they […]

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What Questions to Ask When Considering a Refinance

Refinance Nathan Lawrence 8 Nov

Many of my clients and friends regularly ask me when or if they should consider a refinance.  Here are 4 quick questions that I ask of them.  The answer they give me, will very quickly tell me if we should be taking a deeper look at the mortgage refinance options available to them. What do […]

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Mortgage Qualifying Rule Changes

General Nathan Lawrence 19 Oct

        What you need to know: Over the past few months, the government has been once again reviewing mortgage lending rules and working on changes to those rules.  Earlier this week, OSFI which is the regulator that governs how Federally Regulated Lending Institutions do business, announced changes to the Mortgage Qualifying Rules.  […]

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More Rule Changes on the Way?

General Nathan Lawrence 4 Oct

More Mortgage Rule Changes on the way?? One of the only guarantees in life is change.  Over the past few years, the real estate and mortgage markets have been in a constant state of change due to a high number and frequent amount of regulatory changes.  Currently the industry is bracing for another round of […]

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Home Buyers Guide

General Nathan Lawrence 2 Oct

Our Home Buyers Guide Purchasing a home can feel like an overwhelming process…Our Home Buyers Guide is a great resource…There is a lot to consider: Income Down Payment Credit History and Score Rate Options, term lengths and Fixed vs. Variable Countless lenders to choose from Government Lending Rules Our Team is here to help you […]

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Bank of Canada Rate Change – Should I lock in?

Interest Rates Nathan Lawrence 13 Sep

This past week the Bank of Canada increased their lending rate for the 2nd time in as many months.  The changes in the Prime Lender Rates means that those with a variable mortgage rates will have seen that their mortgages rates adjusted alongside the changes to Prime Rate.  For those of you with variable rates, […]

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Mortgage Terms Decoded

First Time Home Buyers Nathan Lawrence 28 Jun

If you are a first-time home buyer there is a good chance you’ve never heard some of the common words associated with mortgages. A good mortgage agent will guide you through and explain each step of the process to you, and if you don’t understand something be sure to ask questions. To help you prepare […]

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Renovating? Consider a Refinance Plus Improvements

Renovations Nathan Lawrence 30 May

In previous posts (links shared below) we have discussed in detail both refinances and purchase plus improvement mortgages.  Both of which are tools that can help either a current home owner (refinance) or a home purchaser (Purchase Plus Improvements) structure the mortgage in a such a way which allows the client to roll the cost […]

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5 Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage

Refinance Nathan Lawrence 24 May

Every year our team recommends a quick review of your mortgage and overall financial picture.  The majority of those annual reviews lead to quick and simple changes such as a payment increase to tackle your mortgage debt quicker, making a one time lump-sum payment or a change to the payment schedule to better line up […]

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