Your Mortgage Tidbit – Pre-Payment Penalties

Mortgage Tips Nathan Lawrence 17 Dec

Did you know that when looking at Mortgage Pre-payment penalties, that they are not all created equal??  The formula and penalties themselves are pretty consistent but the numbers they use in those formulas could lead to a Pre-payment penalties that are significantly different from one lender to the next. #MortgageTidbit #NowYouKnow #SaveOnInterest #NotCreatedEqual #WeLoveMortgages

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Down Payment Rules Changed

Latest News Nathan Lawrence 11 Dec

Its official.  New Down Payment Rules are going into effect beginning on February 15th 2016.  After years of debate, discussions and rumors about possible changes to the minimum down payment requirements in Canada, the Federal Government this morning announced what those changes will be.   Their goal? To help protect the housing markets in Canada’s hottest […]

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Create a Magical Home for the Holidays

General Nathan Lawrence 10 Dec

Christmas time is my favourite time of the year. I love everything about it! Christmas lights, Christmas songs, Christmas baking, and spending time with family and friends. I always look forward to decorating my home at Christmas and look for ways to make my home feel magical and cheery during the holiday season. I love […]

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Great News for Ontario Home Buyers …

Latest News Nathan Lawrence 1 Dec

For the past month, the Ontario Government has been talking and thinking about expanding the Land Transfer Tax to allow municipalities to charge home buyers a Land Transfer Tax on top of the tax already charged by the Ontario Government. A change like this, would have instantly made it much more costly and more difficult […]

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My Reverse Mortgage … The Best or Worst Thing I Ever Had

Reverse Mortgage Nathan Lawrence 25 Nov

By: Nathan Lawrence As with any product, financial or otherwise, the appropriateness of the product to the situation that led to the purchase will directly impact the purchasers overall product experience.  When it comes to mortgages in general, the type of mortgage product, the reasons behind the need and the overall application should be properly […]

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Your Mortgage Tidbit – That’s an Expensive House!

Mortgage Tips Nathan Lawrence 19 Nov

By: Nathan Lawrence & Brianna Shortreed Your Mortgage Tidbit: Recently we found this article talking about the sale of the most Expensive Condo in Canada!  Check out the article Here!!!  So because we love mortgages so much and because we were curious…We put together the numbers to look at. Assuming the following… Purchase Price: $55,000,000 […]

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That Oh SO Important Financing Condition

Mortgage Tips Nathan Lawrence 16 Nov

By: Nathan Lawrence There you are, sitting down with your realtor and preparing an offer to purchase for that amazing home that you just looked at this afternoon. You get to the point in the conversation with your realtor about the need for a financing condition and you’re trying to remember what you talked about […]

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The Rate Mentality

Interest Rates Nathan Lawrence 11 Nov

By: Nathan Lawrence THIS JUST IN, MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES ARE…..and there it is again…headline news about another low rate from one of the main lenders.  But what does it all mean and why does it continue to grab the headlines on the evening news? It probably comes as little surprise that mortgage financing in Canada […]

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It Takes a Community … Bullying Ends Here!

Community Nathan Lawrence 4 Nov

This past week, my team and I had the pleasure and opportunity to play host to Tad & “Bullying Ends Here” during his current three week tour across 4 different provinces.  During his two day visit to Thunder Bay, Tad did a total of 5 presentations (4 local high schools and then a smaller one […]

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