Should I Get Pre-Approved?

First Time Home Buyers Nathan Lawrence 20 Jul

If you’re wondering what the answer to that question is, it’s simple, yes! A pre-approval is even more important as a first time buyer, not only will it help you understand mortgage financing it will also make you more confident when you go and write an offer on a house. What is a pre-approval? Quite […]

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Things You Should Never Throw Away …

General Nathan Lawrence 8 Jun

There’s always the saying reduce, reuse, recycle but that’s not really what this post is about. We are more interested in looking at the things you should never throw away in order to get your mortgage approved. Part of the mortgage approval process is providing documents to confirm the details in your mortgage application. It’s […]

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Your Credit Report

Mortgage Tips Nathan Lawrence 1 Jun

In the first blog post in this particular series, we went into detail about managing credit payments and how your payment history impacts your credit score.  Managing your monthly debt payments is extremely important and is often times underestimated by consumers. Almost equally as important as managing your monthly credit payments, is also your ability […]

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Mortgage Prepayment – Mortgage Burning Party

Mortgage Tips Nathan Lawrence 11 Mar

Whether you have plans to apply for a new mortgage or to pay off your current mortgage early, it is extremely important that you take a closer look at your prepayment options. In most mortgage contracts there are special clauses that outline the allowances within your loan that permit you to make additional payments towards […]

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The Dreaded Household Budget

General Nathan Lawrence 17 Feb

We’ve all thought it…URGG!…that darn B-Word!!  BUDGETS!!!   The very next thought is always…”it’s ok, I don’t need to do a budget, I’ve got a good handle on our monthly finances.” But do you really? The reality is that you won’t truly know until you’ve assessed your spending habits. Budgets are hard; however, they are not […]

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How a Mortgage Works when you Build a Home

Home Buyers Nathan Lawrence 11 Feb

Building a new home may seem like a complex and daunting undertaking but your mortgage doesn’t have to be. This particular blog post will discuss and highlight some of the key stages of a progress mortgage and what you should be prepared for.   A progress draw mortgage can be utilized under two different building scenarios: […]

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Financial Stress During a Marriage Breakdown

Refinance Nathan Lawrence 3 Feb

When a marriage comes to an end, both individuals are left trying to pick up the pieces of their lives and find themselves feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. People often describe feelings of fear, anxiety and hopelessness.  When children are involved thoughts about their future, lifestyle impacts and coping with loss can also play […]

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You wouldn’t mow your lawn with a snowblower … Right??

Refinance Nathan Lawrence 28 Jan

Refinancing is just one financial tool that you have at your disposal as a home owner that can be leveraged to help strengthen your financial position.  In any good financial tool box, you will have a number of different tools at your disposal, which if utilized correctly, can help you save on interest, build wealth, […]

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Credit Recovery Starts With Great Advice

Alternative Lending Nathan Lawrence 21 Jan

Today, we are thrilled to launch our Tough Mortgage Resource Page.  We know that it can often be overwhelming for mortgage applicants that have been dealt a tough blow that has negatively impacted their credit or overall financial health.  We have put together this resource to help provide our clients and the wider community with a better understanding […]

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Feeling the Winter Blues

General Nathan Lawrence 13 Jan

We sometimes overlook the simple things that can positively change the way we think during the cold winter months.  Your home is the best place to start. During the winter months we tend to hibernate at home, so why not look at ways to do things in your home to make you feel better about […]

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