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Mortgage financing done right is something that each and every property owner in Canada deserves. I’m privileged to work with a company and team of mortgage professionals that understands the impact that a mortgage has on the daily lives of our clients. A mortgage is often a “set it and forget it” kind of thing until changes are needed. Your mortgage is your silent partner that makes the dream of home ownership possible for you and for 100’s of thousands of Canadians each year.
A mortgage done right, is one that works for you in the background. A mortgage is a tool designed to help you achieve your home ownership dreams, invest in rental properties, purchase that home away from home or improve your overall financial health. A tool used correctly will lead to incredible results....a tool used incorrectly can do the opposite.
My passion is working with my clients to help them find the best mortgage product that fits their needs and puts them in the best position possible. Its not about picking 1 out of the 5 mortgage options at “Bank A”. Its about looking at the different lenders, knowing their products, the fine print, the restrictions, limitations, and the flexibility they provide. Then using that knowledge to deep dive into your financial position, your future plans and goals, to identify not only the right lender, but also the right mortgage product.
Its about putting you first...its about making your mortgage work for you.
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Nathan Lawrence

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