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Purchase Plus Improvements – You just found your dream home!!…. sort of

First Time Home Buyers Nathan Lawrence 8 May

In a competitive real estate market or a market that is suffering from a lack of available listings, the Purchase Plus Improvements mortgage could be your saving grace.  Regardless of whether you’ve just started your search for a new home or if you’ve been hunting for months, this is something that you should be thinking about each time you walk into a potential house.

Of all the homes that you’ve looked at so far, you have likely walked into at least one home by this point and said to yourself “Well this house looks great, but if it wasn’t for that incredibly dated _______”.  You fill in the blank here…Kitchen, bathroom, flooring, basement, etc.   If you have passed up the opportunity to purchase that potentially perfect property because of the costs of required improvements, it’s important that you know there is a solution to your problem.  Enter, the Purchase Plus Improvement Mortgage.

In a nutshell, a purchase plus improvements mortgage allows you (the home buyer) to roll the costs of improvements into your mortgage.  The new mortgage allows you the ability to finance those much-needed repairs and get you into that home of your dreams!   The mortgage comes with a great interest rate and one simple mortgage payment.  Had you chosen to purchase the home and not include the renovation costs into the mortgage, then you might end up financing the improvements on a higher interest rate unsecured debt which also give you a second payment to make each month.

The first step to take is a conversation with your Mortgage Broker about specifically how that Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage would apply to your application and specific situation.  Understanding the types of improvements that can be included in the financing will help you better understand which potential houses might work great for you.

Working with your Realtor, the Mortgage Broker will help guide you through the final approval process.  The main difference between a Mortgage vs. a Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage is the need for quotes.  As part of the verification process, your Mortgage Broker and the Lender will need to see a quote for the work that is planned for the improvements.  The quotes will provide us with the cost and plan details required to secure the final approval.  Getting you into a house of your dreams!

If you have questions about how a Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage could work for you, take the time to connect with our team anytime!!